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Postpartum Guides

Empowering Your Journey with Downloadable Guides

Food For Postpartum

Fuel Your Recovery and Nourish Your Body After Birth

Discover the importance of nourishing foods in the postpartum period with our comprehensive guide. Just as you're advised to eat specific foods when fighting illness or recovering from surgery, your body craves healing nutrients after giving birth. Whether you've had a vaginal or surgical birth, your body undergoes significant changes and needs support. This guide explains why nutrition is crucial postpartum and offers practical advice on incorporating warming, nutrient-dense foods to aid healing and support milk production during the Fourth Trimester.

Investment $10

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Bringing Up Baby Workbook for New Parents (1).png

Bringing Up Baby Workbook

Helping New Parents Navigate Their Postpartum and Parenthood Journey

This workbook aims to facilitate discussions with yourself, your partner, family members, friends or your support person to help navigate postpartum and your baby. Topics include your feelings about parenthood, its impact on relationships, supporting mental health, and managing expectations including feeding, recovery, roles, identity and parenting.


This reflective tool is for all parents, including solo, partnered, co-parenting, or adoptive parents. Ideally completed during pregnancy, it can also be used at any stage of the postpartum journey. Note that this workbook doesn't offer mental health advice or diagnoses. The idea is to initiate further research or seek support for informed decision-making. 


Get prepared now!

Investment $10

Let me nurture and provide you with tailored support and guidance. By helping you recover, as well as discover and bond with your new family member, I aim to provide you with an empowering postpartum experience. I love witnessing families blossom with confidence and finding their own unique rhythm during this transformative time.

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