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About Me

Supporting Families in the Postpartum Journey
Jacinta, owner of kangaroo care doula in Hamilton

I'm Jacinta  (she/her)

The desire to shift to working as a postpartum doula came after giving birth to my first child in Belgium where my husband and I found ourselves without the family support network we had planned to use once home (thanks Covid!). I found myself supported in the first couple of weeks after birth from friends and colleagues, mostly in regards to nutrition which was so helpful - oh my goodness, having meals prepared in advance was heaven! But after that, the world around me continued on as usual, yet I felt physically and emotionally different. 


I did a breastfeeding and an infant care course during pregnancy and felt somewhat prepared. I still needed a little bit of guidance regarding breastfeeding, especially for someone to check latch and positioning and give me extra tips and tricks which was helpful. But some of the information I had read, particularly regarding baby sleep behaviours beyond the fourth trimester, went against every instinct I had as a new parent. The sleep information affected my milk supply and caused me to experience Postpartum Anxiety (PPA). I wish I had more realistic sleep expectations in pregnancy or early postpartum, as well as evidence-based information about baby sleep patterns. I spent a lot of time, money and energy being anxious about things that were biologically normal, yet the information I was reading, particularly online and being told by sleep consultants, made it seem like my baby was the exception and I had to do certain things for my baby to be a “good sleeper”.

This was the push for me to become a postpartum doula to help nurture and support families during this transformative time in their lives; to educate and set realistic expectations about life after baby arrives, in particular the first 3 months where you are trying to get the hang of this new job of being a parent. I love watching families grow more confident with their role and feel supported and validated physically and emotionally.


Originally from Australia, my areas of study have been in Youth Work, TEFL and English Language and Literature. This allowed me to live and work in Europe for 10 years as an au pair, nanny, an English language teacher for both children and adults, a teaching assistant, as a co-curricular coordinator for after-school and summer programs and as an American Red Cross Adult & Paediatric First Aid/CPR instructor.


Now based in Hamilton, ON, I received my DONA International approved postpartum doula training through Doula School. I am a member of the Association of Ontario Doulas. Additionally, I have completed additional training in Breast/Chest Feeding in Special Circumstances through Childbirth International. My areas of specialty are breast/chest feeding, nutrition for recovery, responsive paediatric sleep and safe sleep information.

Owner of Kangaroo care doula

Inclusive and Compassionate Care for Every Client

Kangaroo Care Doula values each clients’ unique identities and experiences, including (but not limited to) disability, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, legal status, nationality, race or sexual orientation. I am committed to ensuring all clients feel respected, dignified and heard, and have access to a high standard of care, information and resources.

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