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About Me

Supporting Families in the Postpartum Journey
Jacinta, owner of kangaroo care doula in Hamilton

Hi, I'm Jacinta  (she/her)

I felt like I went into postpartum pretty well prepared: I took prenatal and parenting classes; I completed a newborn and breastfeeding workshop. I had a supportive partner and tentative plans of family coming to Belgium where we lived at the time to help out for the first few weeks.


But then we became parents amidst Covid, so our in-home support plans changed. I also faced challenges with breastfeeding and infant sleep due to a lot of misinformation out there. This lead to me developing postpartum anxiety. My postpartum experience led me to become a postpartum doula, aiming to provide evidence-based education, realistic guidance and physical and emotional support to families during those first transformative months of parenthood.

Before taking the leap into postpartum care, I studied Youth Work, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and a Bachelor of English Language and Literature, and I have had various jobs including as a childcare coordinator for a in-home service agency, au pair, nanny, English language teacher and co-curricular coordinator in Australia, Germany and Belgium, respectively.

But now I call Canada home! I completed my DONA approved postpartum doula training through Doula School; I'm also a member of the Association of Ontario Doulas. I've expanded my expertise with additional trainings such as: Breast/Chest Feeding in Special Circumstances through Childbirth International; Weaning Workshop through Public Health For Parents; Fourth Trimester Food: Nutrition & Nervous System Skills to Restore & Recover After Birth by Kate Pope and Kimberley Ann Johnson, and The Holistic Sleep Revolution by Dr. Lyndsey Hookway and Emma Dewey. My specialties lie in nutrition for postpartum recovery, responsive paediatric sleep, safe sleep practices and breast/chest feeding support.


Owner of Kangaroo care doula

Inclusive and Compassionate Care for Every Client

Kangaroo Care Doula values each clients’ unique identities and experiences, including (but not limited to) disability, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, legal status, nationality, race or sexual orientation. I am committed to ensuring all clients feel respected, dignified and heard, and have access to a high standard of care, information and resources.

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