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Newborn and Postpartum Care Course

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This comprehensive course is designed to provide essential knowledge and practical skills needed to navigate the precious yet challenging fourth trimester and first three months of a baby's life. From understanding baby's needs and behaviours to mastering feeding techniques, safe sleep practices, understanding infant sleep and fostering mental and emotional well-being postpartum, the course covers it all. Realistic expectations for parenthood are set, empowering parents with the confidence and tools necessary to thrive during this pivotal period. ​This online, self-paced course offers a blend of evidence-based information, and demonstrations, and questions to foster further discussions, ensuring parents feel informed, supported, and prepared every step of the way. Join the journey laid out in the Newborn and Postpartum Care Course, laying the groundwork for a strong and nurturing bond between parent and baby. Parenthood is a remarkable adventure, and with this course, parents will be ready to embrace it with knowledge, confidence, and joy.




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