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Parent Text Support

Virtual Support

Parent Text Support

Maybe you don’t need in-home support, but you feel like you need some sort of support. Consider Parent Text Support!


This service is specific to your immediate needs and concerns to help you navigate your postpartum journey and parenthood experience. Think of it as reaching out to a parent friend and educator for some coaching, guidance, knowledge and support.


This is similar to a Confidence Call but done via text messaging using the app Signal.


Note: This is not a service that provides medical or mental health advice. However, resources can be provided for other perinatal professional services.

parent text support offered by Jacinta of Kangaroo care doula

Text or voice messages responses

We can discuss anything postpartum and infant related, but common topics relate to: infant care, parent coaching, breast/chest feeding, bottle feeding, sleep information (including sleepy cues, wake windows, settling techniques, and safe sleep guidelines), nutrition and social and emotional support.

You will receive evidence based information and advice, demonstrations, recommendations and resources, where applicable.

How does it work?

Order your Parent Text Support package directly via the website. Once the order has been made, you will receive unlimited text support via Signal for 4 weeks. You will need to download the Signal app for free beforehand. All text messages will be responded to by Kangaroo Care Doula within 12 hours of the message being received.

Investment $100 for 4 weeks (from date of purchase)

What's On Offer:

baby and infant toys

Let me nurture and provide you with tailored support and guidance. By helping you recover, as well as discover and bond with your new family member, I aim to provide you with an empowering postpartum experience. I love witnessing families blossom with confidence and finding their own unique rhythm during this transformative time.

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