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Bringing Up Baby: A Workbook for New Parents

Bringing Up Baby: A Workbook for New Parents


Many new parents often feeling unprepared for the challenges of postpartum and their new baby, such as navigating relationships, parenting expectations, identity, and mental health.


This workbook aims to facilitate discussions with yourself, your partner, family members, friends or your support person to help navigate postpartum and your baby. Topics include your feelings about parenthood, its impact on relationships, supporting mental health, and managing expectations including feeding, recovery, roles, and parenting.


This reflective tool is for all parents, including solo, partnered, co-parenting, or adoptive parents. Ideally completed during pregnancy, it can also be used at any stage of the postpartum journey. Note that this workbook doesn't offer mental health advice or diagnoses. If some questions are challenging, the idea is to research further or seek support for informed decision-making. 


Get prepared now!

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