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Postpartum Doula

Supporting families in the postpartum journey

Servicing Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby and Lincoln

newborn holding hands with parent

Doula Services

With Kangaroo Care Doula you get:

Raising a Newborn

Nurturing Connection

Confidence and Empowerment

Supporting Physical Recovery

Emotional Comfort


Access to Further Support

Hi, I'm Jacinta         (she/her)

My aim is to give families support and confidence as they transition into parenthood or navigate the new dynamics that come with the expansion of their family. This is through practical and emotional assistance, by providing evidence-based information to help clients make the best decisions for their families in regards to various aspects of infant care and childbirth recovery, as well as being a starting point for further postnatal support services. 

Why Kangaroo Care Doula?

Kangaroo care is a postpartum term used to describe skin-to-skin contact usually between an adult and a newborn. It promotes bonding, breast/chest feeding, helps regulate baby’s body temperature and provides a secure nest for baby to sleep. Most importantly, it provides love, comfort and safety as the baby begins to adjust to life outside the womb. Kind of similar to the services of a postpartum doula!

It also just so happens that I am an Australian who currently calls Hamilton home.​

Jacinta postpartum doula
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